How many people can come to the Foto Playground™?

Our studio is setup to comfortably accommodate a group of up to 6 people. It's possible to go as large as 12 but be forewarned it will be squishier. (add $15 per person over 6 people, up to 12)

How will we know what to do?

You'll get 10 minutes of consulting time with a professional photographer before you start clicking the shutter. All the equipment will be set up in advance for you. Need inspiration? We have an idea book alongside the props that you can refer to if you get stuck.

What should we bring?

Think ahead to the kind of props you are planning to bring or rent and bring complementary clothes. Neutrals and solid tones are great for accessorizing. Dressing up in your fancy duds and then acting silly or really glamorous comes across great on film. We have a changing room so you can easily change your clothes during the Foto Playground™ session.

Can we bring our own props?

Of course. Raid your closets and pack a suitcase we love to see what people bring in to express themselves. We encourage you to think about the clothes you are wearing too. There is a changing room for changing in. Dressing up in 'fancy' duds and accessorizing is one of our most popular looks.

What kind of pro equipment do I get to use?

We have a Canon 5D Mark III digital camera, pro lenses on a heavy tripod with an excellent wireless shutter releases to allow you to click to your hearts content. Three elinchrom professional studio flashes can be used to create dramatic or classical lighting. Don't worry we'll help you with getting the lights just right before we set you free.

How private is this?

After you get some instruction from a pro photographer we'll leave you with a buzzer to summon us should the need arise. Otherwise you'll be left to venture into this new experience on your own. We do ask that the photos stay PG13 because we don’t want to turn this into a different type of DIY studio.

Can we bring our pets?

Sorry but there are too many cords laying around and spaces for Fido to romp where he shouldn't romp. Come in for a family portrait at Campbell Salgado Studio and you can bring your pet along.

Can I take the camera off the tripod?

Sorry, but the camera must remain on the tripod.

What if we freeze up in front of the camera?

We have an idea book available to give you inspiration. Whether it's how an individual has created a self-portraits just by using their expressions and body position or folks who incorporate props, it's often enough to get the juices flowing again. We’ll also give you our top 10 tips for taking amazing photos in the Foto Playground™ at before you begin.