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Foto Playground™ is based on studio availability.  So get on the horn to see what's available. 

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"Campbell Salgado does it again! As usual they created a warm, comfortable environment, but this time WE were in charge of the shots. What a blast!" ~ Lindsay

"BEST nvestment in pictures I have made in a long time. You don’t realize how much you miss out on when you rely on your iphone to capture all your magical moments. Creating some of our own at Foto Playground was EPIC!" ~ Mindee

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Foto Playground™ is located in the professional photo studio of Campbell Salgado Studio in Portland, Oregon.

8107 SE 16th Avenue | Portland, OR 97202

"My whole family was looking forward to trying Foto Playground, because we knew it would be fun. But we didn't know HOW fun it would be! The perfect combination of good old fashioned goofy dress-up and serious quality time with your family -- I've been telling my friends about it and everyone wants to try it now!" ~ Lauren 

"This is great for kids because they do not have to be worried that someone is watching them" -  Lily, 8 years old